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Coloured pencil on black is a perfect choice for Cyclops. I like the glow on this.

Eye of the Titan by ~tarkheki on deviantART
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Summary: In the aftermath of a war, four survivors struggle to hold on to their identities in the face of a society meant to destroy them.

This is our third Ceremony, but my stomach still twists into little hard knots when the fighting begins. The helplessness is worst-- the knowledge that control of my body is again taken from my hands. We're china dolls on a shelf, waiting to be passed to the winners here today. If I'm lucky, he'll be a friend. A protector. If I'm not lucky... A month can be a very long time.

It is on these mornings when I think of Logan the most. He was built to fight. He lives for it. That's not the way Scott works. All he ever wanted was a family and a safe place for them to live in peace...

In the aftermath of mutant registration, lovers have been separated and mutants must resort to desperate measures to gain any measure of safety. It's going to be a long journey for Logan if he's ever going to get Rogue back - in more ways than one. Meanwhile, Scott and Jean have a hard to choice to make between freedom and security for their child. A harrowing novella that doesn't shy away from the realities of living in a post-registration dystopia, but also shows how strong these characters are.

la bas: song of the drowned
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Summary: All actions have consequences.

The faint smell of decay in the mansion is getting stronger with each day. He's learning to live with it, but he'll never get used to it. Stagnant water, old blood, singed flesh.

He tries not to stare when she drifts past in the corridors, to not look at her grey skin. To meet the fiery emptiness of her eyes with love, instead of letting his gaze slide away in revulsion. He never quite manages.

After X2, Jean comes back ... wrong. Effectively creepy, and I love the characterization of Scott here, faced with the thing his fiance has become.

Bring Out Your Dead
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Summary: Rogue and Scott and horse sense.

It was spring. The grounds were muddy and the horses were muddier. The mud was bad for their skin and worse for the tack, so Mr. Summers had embarked on an anti-mud crusade and had drafted her to help get the horses clean, even if they wouldn't stay that way long. It might have been because she was quiet and good with animals, or it might just have been her turn to do stable duty. But she suspected the real reason she was here was that all of the older students had spent most of the winter working with the professor to improve control of their powers, and everyone had made progress. Everyone but her, that was.

After X2, Rogue and Scott clean horses and bond. Quiet and beautifully characterised, and does a great job of bringing out the things these two have in common.

Without Wings
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Summary: Scott Summers makes a compromise.

What she said to him later was yes, she found Logan attractive. She didn't love him, but that was beside the point. She couldn't sleep with him, because he'd never give her up, and she didn't want him forever, only for a night. Pressed up to Scott's back in bed while she said it. But he could do it. Meaning Scott. He should, maybe. One of them should.

Jean has a novel solution to the tension between Scott and Logan and herself. This is both hot and sweet, and I like the insights into the reasons Scott and Jean love each other.

All of the Animals
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Summary: How do you tell a man who's lived inside his skull for the past seventy years that his mind is rotting away?

We have a few helmets that we've cobbled together, headgear to protect us against the Professor's roving telepathic reach. In his dementia, the Professor sometimes mistakes people for figures from his past and--and he rewrites them, so that, for a while at least, they are who he remembers them to be. I still remember the first time it happened to me; the Professor started calling me "David," and before I could gently remind him that I was Scott, not this David he seemed to mistake me for, I was screaming hysterically and accusing him of abandoning me.

Mutant powers have a way of making real life problems more complicated, and as worst case scenarios for telepaths go, Alzheimer's disease has to be on top of the list. A heartwrenching story of what happens to Charles Xavier and his family as his mind collapses in on itself.

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Summary: Cyclops and Wolverine are taken prisoner, and escape is only the beginning of the recovery process.

One of the guards stepped forward and released me. I held still till the man moved away. I didn't want to scare them. I didn't want to scare Summers, either. Despite the dimness of the room and his weakness, I could see him trembling, smell his fear. Strong, acid sweat. His face had a slack quality. He was drugged. I laid a hand on his shoulder. He flinched.

Under the tape, his face was covered with bruises, fresh and greening both, and I could see more on his body. They'd beaten the crap out of him, burned him with cigarettes down one arm. Carefully, I unzipped the front of the coverall and checked his torso, afraid he might have bruised kidneys or some other internal injury that could explain his illness. He tried to shove my hands away, but not with affronted modesty. The fear in him had spiked sharply. "Stop, Scott. It's me." No jokes now. No half-insulting names. "I won't hurt you." He quit fighting but the trembling grew worse.

This was crazy. Even drugged, this was Cyclops. What the hell had they done to him?

A harrowing novel about what happens when Scott and Logan are captured by an organization that has terrible things in mind for both of them. Does an incredible job of exploring both their initial reactions to the experience and the recovery process.

Climb the Wind
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Summary: Rogue and Scott learn to let go.

"What do you see?" she asked Scott at breakfast a few days later. He'd taken to sitting by her in the past year or so; he'd taken to giving her gentle looks and glimpsing touches that made her wonder if his fingertips were soft.

He shrugged. "A strawberry, with a toothpick stuck in it."

She pulled the toothpick out. "And now?"

"A strawberry."

"Exactly," she said, and ate the bit of fruit decisively.

A lovely story about how people grow apart and grow together, and about the passage of time and what Rogue and Scott's mutations mean to them. There's a great sense of atmosphere in this.

Clinging Cures
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Summary: "In her more reflective moments, she wondered if she had a self-destructive streak running through her." AU, or not...?

The cigarette was good. She hadn't smoked since right before medical school; somehow it didn't seem appropriate, then.

It was certainly appropriate now. Post-coital cigarette number two. Jean glanced down at her sleeping bedmate, sprawled out on the dingy bed like he owned it, one muscular arm flung over her legs. She sat on the bed, back against the headboard, cigarette in hand. A plume of smoke rose from the tip like a carcinogenic ghost. She sucked down another drag. The burn in her throat spread through her body, infusing every cell with the delicious bite of nicotine. It was like she'd never quit; it felt like her body had gone into a long dormancy, brought back to life only when she inhaled the hot smoke.

After Alkali Lake, Jean Grey falls into more than one bad habit. Beautifully written and intriguingly ambiguous - it's labled AU with a question mark for a reason.

Color of Ashes, Color of Fire
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Lovely digital painting of broody Scott. The shine off the glasses/visor is particularly well done.

Cyclops by *becc-j on deviantART
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Shirtless, blindfolded Scott Summers is always good with me, and this is a lovely drawing of the subject.

X-Men: Faceless Crowd by ~GabrielMalkavian on deviantART
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Summary: Hope is the thing with feathers/That perches in the soul.

Warren climbed to the top of the jungle gym and tipped his head back, watching the tattered clouds chase each other across the sky and make a hazy, shifting mask over the sun. It made his chest go tight and his shoulders hurt, but he didn't look away. He was used to feeling that way, a lot, when he looked at the sky or at the pigeons outside his window or at his father across the length of the dining-room table. A dull, vague kind of ache all over, but stronger in his shoulders and his heart. Maybe that was what they called growing pains.

A glimpse of Warren Worthington's life long before X3, when he's a twelve-year-old boy already suffering the effects of his father's prejudice. Luckily, one of the X-Men is there to provide moral support even if he can't do anything else. I like that Scott gets to be the cool guy here, and his conversation with Warren is lovely.

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Summary: Spring fever hits the school and Jean has just the solution.

"The ground rules are," Jean said, "you must spend all waking hours that are not spent in class together. However, there will be no sleeping together." Groans mixed with nervous laughter. "You must do your daily activities together. And by together we mean the same activity, not just in the same room. If one of you wants to watch television, both of you watch television. If one of you wants to play ping-pong, both of you play."

"You're going to learn about partnership and compromise," Scott said. "Or else you're going to drive each other nuts." That got genuine laughter.

"Can I ask which you and Dr. Grey have done?" St. John piped up from the back of the room.

"No," Jean and Scott said at the same time.

When the senior students at Xavier's are hopelessly distracted by hormones, Jean has a brilliant idea to cure them of it: make them all pretend to be married for a week. Funny and insightful, and I love the appearances by various comic book characters, some of whom haven't made it onto film even now.

The Great Marriage Boondoggle
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Summary: Ororo does not understand Scott’s obsession with the Blackbird.

It is pretty up here, she admits to herself, but it would be prettier yet without the windshield in front of her eyes and the metal cabin surrounding her. She wants to feel the wind, not breathe the stale, recycled air in the plane.

There’s a little turbulence and, distracted by her thoughts, she over-corrects ever so slightly.

“Easy,” Scott says quietly, but makes no move to take over the controls himself. She doesn’t ask if he’s talking to her or the plane.

Ororo and Scott are both obsessed with flying, but they have very different approaches to it. This is a lovely story about their relationship with each other and the sky, and a insight to how they related to the world before they grew up and became X-Men. It's a remix of First Loves, a drabble by Teaotter that is also great.

in the lonely cool before the dawn
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Summary: One Rogue. Two timelines. Three personalities. Every possibility. Rogue discovers who she is, could have been, and everything she can become.

Standing in the middle of the lot, I stared around me, trying to get a grip on the situation, which was spiraling toward Freaky real damn fast. Slowly, I put down my bag and realized I still had my change clutched in my hand.

One five, three ones, some metal, enough to get a cab. I took the coins to stuff in my jeans pocket and began to fold the bills when I froze, staring in shock at them in my hand.

I mean, how often, really, do we take a good look at our money?

You know, if you were only going to read one story in this fandom (although heaven knows why you'd be here if you wanted to do that) this would be an excellent choice. Jus Ad Bellum is a wonderful novel on so many levels. It's a great exploration of Rogue's character and the relationships she forms with very different group of X-Men. It's an exciting adventure with action and romance and suspense. Most of all though, it's a long, hard look at the ideologies involved in the conflict between mutants and humans, and at how far people on both sides are willing to go when pushed. By the end, I understood where every character was coming from, and that's its most impressive achievement.

Jus Ad Bellum
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Summary: A Wolverine. A beagle. Just watch the damn dog, Logan.

At four months, Darwin had liquid brown eyes, a tail that was in perpetual motion and the approximate IQ of bait. The game of fetch confounded him, loud noises unnerved him and the concept of bladder control had yet to penetrate his expensive little head. As far as Logan was concerned, Jeannie could just as easily practice her parenting skills on some poor mutt from the pound, but it wasn't, he thought with a dark look at Summers, the first time she'd gone for a pretty face over actual brains.

Logan agrees to watch Jean's new beagle puppy for a couple of hours while Scott goes to the airport. What could possibly go wrong? Howlingly funny. (Pun totally intended.)

Natural Selection
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Summary: Sometimes coping can be difficult. Scott and Jean from the film's 'September' find themselves in a difficult 'November.'

She's sleeping now, her knees curled into her chest, covered by an old leather jacket of his that he hasn't worn since he graduated. He remembers he used to like that jacket, used to give her looks across the courtyard when he was wearing it, and bite his lip a little awkwardly whenever she came near him. The first time she touched him, the first time she whispered a confidence into his ear, it had been this jacket that she'd clasped, balled into her fist as she'd leaned into him, her hot breath on his ear as she told him she liked it. Then, blushing lightly, she clarified it was the jacket she liked.

A great look at how Scott and Jean fall apart and pull together in the aftermath of X1. I love stories about established relationships and how people negotiate the changes they go through, and this is a wonderful example.

The November Dawn

(The link takes you to Kat's XMMFF Archive author page, since they require an age check before you read it.)
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Summary: Rogue keeps walking into trouble. Scott keeps dragging her out.

Rogue swiveled the stool around and faced Scott's disapproving glare. She couldn't see his eyes, but then again, she didn't need to. She'd been on the receiving end of his "I don't approve of this behavior" look enough times that the attitude was clear from the set of his jaw and the fists forcefully shoved into his jacket pockets. Rogue mused to herself that that was probably to keep him from dragging her out of the bar or strangling her, whichever impulse was currently striking him with a greater degree of intensity.

She crushed out her cigarette in the ashtray near her elbow and gave Scott a charming smile, just because she knew that her nonchalance would piss him off even more. "Hey, Cyke! I didn't think this was your kind 'a joint. Pull up a stool and I'll buy you a drink before last call."

Rogue is in a bad place, both literal and metaphorical, but she's always got someone to drag her out. I've got a soft spot for stories about these two together (in whatever sense) and their characterisation is great here.

Nowhere Fast


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