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I love the liquid look of this, as well as the costume and jewellery design.

Storm's Fury by ~Magrad on deviantART
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Summary: Thanks to recent events, Storm finds herself in charge of the desperately under-staffed Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. It puts her in the uncomfortable position of having lunch with Emma Frost, a woman who never quite managed to choose a side.

The restaurant is Emma’s choice. Storm would have liked to have met somewhere else, somewhere a bit more private, but she gave in because it really doesn’t matter. She’s learning that being in charge sometimes means a great deal of compromising. She looks down at the crisp white tablecloth and sighs. She wishes Scott was here, or Jean. It’s lonely being the last one of them left, lonelier than she ever would have imagined.

“Ororo. So sorry I’m late.”

Storm looks up at that, taking in Emma’s appearance as she stands sedately by the table, dressed as always in flawless, crisp white. Her diamonds flash as she sits, crossing her legs at the ankle and arranging her napkin in her lap with a flourish. “It’s all right,” Storm says evenly. She’s not fooled. Emma’s late because she wants to be.

After X3, Ororo and the school are in dire need of help, and that means looking for unconventional aid. I really like the portrait of Emma here. The story also builds effectively on one of the few personality traits that Storm was actually given in the films - her frustration with mutants who won't choose a side.

There Is A War
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Summary: It takes some time to feel at home.

Her jaw was tight with concentration. It seemed to Hank that Jean always looked tense. It was nothing new; she’d been an extraordinarily tense twelve year old. Now she was clenching her teeth like a stevedore, not like someone reading in a comfortable library on a Saturday evening. Hank wondered if she was interested in the journal in front of her at all, or driven solely by duty. Her hair haloed around her face, glowing in the soft light of the green-shaded lamp on the desk, but she looked like a crusader. Jean d’Arc.

I need to get laid, Hank thought to himself. I’m going to find a cure for cancer before I get laid.

Hank is trying to lose his virginity, and Jean is surprisingly helpful. A story about tolerance, sex and home comforts of all kinds. I love how wonderfully opaque the Jean Grey in this story is, like an iceberg with two-thirds below the water. Hank, by contrast, is endearingly easy to figure out.

Comfort Zone
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Summary: One of these is probably the way Storm met Charles Xavier. It's possible that it matters which one.

"My name is Charles Xavier. I run a school for children like you."

"For kids who get into trouble," she says.

"Well, often that happens, I'm afraid. But what I meant was for children with special abilities like your own."

"Witch school," she says, and laughs a little wildly. "You're a rich white teacher who can talk in my head, and you want to take me to witch school."

He seems to be considering that.

"If you want to think about it that way," he says. "I prefer to call it a school for the gifted."

Ororo encounters Charles Xavier for the first time, in four different ways. Touching and disturbing depending on which universe you're in at the time, and I really like the different character portraits of Storm and Xavier. This is the kind of thing fanfiction is made for.

Four Ways of Coming out of The Cold
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Summary: Kurt and Ororo, chatting on the roof.

It was quiet on the far side and he quickly became absorbed in his thoughts. He didn't notice the soft breeze increasing. When she appeared in his view it so startled him that he nearly lost his perch. She floated gracefully on the currents of air at her command, turning an elegant back flip before settling on the roof, smiling at him.

He met her smile. "You could have been a legend in the circus."

"I'll take that as a compliment," she said with a laugh. "What would they call me? The Astounding Storm?"

"No, you would have been an angel..." he said. His eyes twinkled as he continued, mimicking a ringmaster's boastful patter. "An ethereal, angelic aerialist with the power of the elements at her beck and call! Thrill as she performs her death-defying aerial tricks! Wonder as she brings down the rains from heaven to your very faces!"

Storm, Nightcrawler, the evening breeze and some friendly - or maybe more than friendly - conversation. Kurt and Ororo really are adorable together, and this is a charming story.

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Summary: Storm and Xavier both try to teach history, but history just doesn't seem to learn.

"After the war," he said, "Erik was brought to England, along with other child survivors, to be cared for. To rebuild his life. But he never told anyone the real story of what had happened to him. He was convinced that if anyone knew about his powers, he'd wind up in another laboratory. He was isolated by his secrets. Until he met someone who knew the truth without being told. And I...." He closed his eyes. "I was a young telepath. You know, people in the throes of a first love often have a little trouble remembering where they end and their lover begins -- normal people, whose heads are as separate as stars. In my case...." Suddenly his eyes looked right into her. "Storm. Don't touch her. Don't think you can solve anything that way. The best thing you can do for her is keep her separate."

A series about Storm courts Rogue in the present, while Charles is stuck in the past. Two stories about how love not only doesn't fix everything, it can sometimes make it all worse. I'm not exaggerating when I call this story heartbreaking, and I don't thing I've ever looked a the relationships between these characters the same way since I read this.



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Summary: Ororo does not understand Scott’s obsession with the Blackbird.

It is pretty up here, she admits to herself, but it would be prettier yet without the windshield in front of her eyes and the metal cabin surrounding her. She wants to feel the wind, not breathe the stale, recycled air in the plane.

There’s a little turbulence and, distracted by her thoughts, she over-corrects ever so slightly.

“Easy,” Scott says quietly, but makes no move to take over the controls himself. She doesn’t ask if he’s talking to her or the plane.

Ororo and Scott are both obsessed with flying, but they have very different approaches to it. This is a lovely story about their relationship with each other and the sky, and a insight to how they related to the world before they grew up and became X-Men. It's a remix of First Loves, a drabble by Teaotter that is also great.

in the lonely cool before the dawn
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Summary: Ororo Munroe has a secret admirer.

When the science journals carry headlines that talk about mutations and genetics and the changing face of humanity, she always places the magazines face down on the counter and looks at me with wide and slightly fearful eyes. I turned the magazines over once and watched as her fingers knotted around each other, slowly tightening and strangling in fear. I didn't turn her magazines over after that.

Storm is in the closet, but at least she has company. Beautiful and sad, and a reminder that community reactions to mutants aren't always what they might expect.

The Lover
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Summary: Callisto comes to the mansion to kidnap Leech, but ends up with someone else entirely.

Logan, having made sure the other students were clear, hurtled into the group at top speed, grabbing Callisto by the throat and throwing her away from Leech. She landed on her feet and sped back towards him, but was thrown off stride when her speed dropped off as she entered the zone of the terrified Leech's power. Ororo wasted no time and leapt from the ground to tackle Callisto around the waist. Off-balance, the two women staggered backwards, stepping down into the decorative pond and falling into a tangled pile of flailing limbs in the water.

Fight scenes, ideological debate and femslash all in one story! In my opinion, all the X-Men's dates should start with a kidnapping. The comic book incarnations of Storm and Callisto have always had a tense and interesting relatioship, so it's nice to see the movie versions interacting here.

Nothing But Blue Skies
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Summary: n. an abnormal and persistent fear of rain. The end of the world comes to Westchester County.

On the first day, when the rains begin to fall, Ororo becomes the subject of many uncomfortable glances from students and X-Men alike. Halfway through the history lesson, she overhears Jubilation Lee mutter to Katherine Pryde, "Man, whaddya think's gotten her in such a bad mood?" as the downpour hammers the broad windows. Kitty only shrugs and rolls her eyes, then puts on a studiously innocent expression as Ororo raises an eyebrow her way.

A loose crossover with The Day After Tomorrow, in which the catastrophic breakdown of the planet's climate is seen through the eyes of a mutant weather goddess. An excellent idea for a crossover, and the result is effectively creepy.

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Lovely pencil drawing of Ororo - I like the detail on the hair and the shading.

ororo monroe by ~aramismarron on deviantART
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Summary: And out of the ashes, the world is reborn.

In old myths, there is a firebird with magnificent plumage and long life. Five hundred years the phoenix lives, some say; others say a millennium, or more. But at last the phoenix dies, as all empires so must fall; it gathers a nest, bursts into flame, and perishes. And out of the ashes, a new phoenix is born. She rises.

After the events of X3, the survivors move on in a series of nine linked drabbles. A nice look at everyone's reactions to the end of the world.

Out of the Ashes
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Summary: Storm and her goddess.

Oya is the goddess of storms, of lightning, of the whirlwind. She can be as gentle as a breeze, sometimes. Other times she will come from the sky and destroy everything you have clung to, tear you from the ground and leave you far from home. She is sudden change of every kind, including the transition into death. She is in charge of cemeteries and the marketplace. (Kitty Pryde once asked me if the marketplace includes the mall. Of course it does.) She is known to be fierce in protecting her children. She is capable of gentleness, but do not get in the way of her anger. In the stories she rides into battle swinging an axe, with sparks of lightning darting from her hair - just as my own hair flowed with electricity every time I let my anger gain the upper hand.

Storm's religious beliefs aren't something the comics have ever gone into in any coherent fashion, let alone the movies. This story does an excellent job of filling in some of the gaps. A great tale of Ororo's past, her faith and her future.

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Summary: Jean is on her way home.

She is aware of pinprick sensations -- the heaviness of cold and darkness on every inch of her body. She doesn't know how much time has passed, whether it has been seconds or hours or even days. As a medical doctor, she only knows she should be dead, not contemplating her current state of existence.

After X2, Jean starts to find her way home. A lovely series of drabbles about how she reaches out to them - and how they reach back.

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Wonderfully dramatic painting of X3 Storm. Great background colour in this.

X-men The Last Stand - STORM by *aaronwty on deviantART
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Summary: Mystique tempts. Ororo doubts.

Rain gleams against Mystique's skin and scales. She does not move forward, and does not retreat. She looks upon the evidence of Storm's grief, unblinking.

Mystique says:

Such anger. Such power.

You could make a difference, Ororo Munroe. You could help us change the world.

Ororo's anger pounds against the street. Her helplessness makes the trees creak, and groan, and shake their branches at the sky.

Mystique tries to court Ororo away from the X-Men. Personal, political and poetical.

Storm Breaking
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Storm looking like she just stepped off a catwalk somewhere - I love the detail on the jacket and the jewellery here.

Storm Fashion by *strayedclimaca on deviantART
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Summary: Charles Xavier lights three candles every Sunday morning.

The truth of it is this: Charles Xavier cannot go to confession, because there is no word for the sin he attempted. Even 'genocide' implies an attempt on the lives of a specific segment of the human race. What do you call the attempted annihilation of its totality?

This story, set after X2, manages to be both the best Charles Xavier character study I’ve read and a wonderful take on the ensemble of the first two X-men movies, doing justice to the enormity of the actions done to and by Xavier. I have a particular soft spot for the scenes with Kurt throughout and Charles’ dream of Jean at the end, but everyone’s voices are spot-on. A well deserved classic.

(Guest rec by [personal profile] selenak.)

Ten Thousand Candles


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