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Summary: Who can these confused young mutants turn to for advice?

Things are going great with my girlfriend. She's totally hot and great in bed. Majorly GGG. I swear, it's like she can read my mind. The only thing is, she dresses like a professional dominatrix. I love it when we're alone, but I get so jealous when she leaves the house in her underwear and a cape. I don't like the idea of other men looking at her. Am I being unreasonable?

For My Eyes Only

I am a huge fan of Savage Love, Dan Savage's sex and relationship advice column, and the cast of First Class could definitely use some guidance. Dan's voice is spot-on here, and the letters are hilarious. A brilliant concept.

(Obligatory Dan Savage disclaimer: I am not interested in arguing about the things that Dan Savage is wrong about. Especially not on my fanfiction recs journal.)

Savage Love: First Class
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Because everything is cuter with LEGO! I cannot help picturing a whole LEGO version of the film now. Maybe it should be a video game ...

LEGO: X-Men First CLass by *oldredjalopy on deviantART
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Summary: Logan learns how things work at the mansion.

If you just watched carefully, it wasn't hard to understand why they all fought so hard. Why they risked their lives for one another, for the world in general. Of course, aside from the Professor, none of them were so absorbed in the pursuit of anything so lofty as the preservation of mankind. It was preservation of the people they loved, not just from Magneto and unnamed destruction, but from the pain of everyday life. The smaller details could become overwhelming, if an attempt was made to itemize each gesture.

In its quiet way, this is one of my favourite X-Men movieverse stories. It's such a nice look at how people in the mansion take care of each other, and how Logan responds to that.

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Summary: A school field trip to a museum turns into a crusade for Jubilee.

"I don't get it," Jubilee said, not listening to her friend.

"Huh?" Bobby asked.

"This exhibit. I don't get it. It's supposed to be about evolution, right?"

"Um, yes?" Bobby said as he and Kitty looked at each other.

"Well, I slept through most of biology, but," Jubilee shook her head sharply, "evolution is all about mutation, right?"

"Yeeees," Kitty said.

Jubilee put her hands on her hips, finding herself unreasonably irked. "Then where are the mutants?"

A brilliant story about Jubilee and about an issue that's a hot topic in our universe and must be even more of one in a reality that has mutants popping up all over the place. Jubilation Lee might seem like an unlikely political activist, and her journey from apathetic mallrat to crusader is what this is all about.

The Evolution of Jubilee
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Summary: Rogue comes home for the first time.

In Anchorage she had a daily routine of classes, a room of her own, beauty surrounding her every time she stepped outside. She managed to make a few friends, hallmates who knocked on her door to borrow things and stayed to talk. But outside of her time in Canada, it was also the farthest she had ever gone from anyone who knew her, from anywhere she might consider home.

Home. Whenever people from the Xavier Institute called her at school, it always brought that constricting feeling back. Her chest would get a little smaller, a little tighter. Each voice taking a turn at the phone seemed to head straight for her lungs, pushing all the air out of her chest.

A beautiful story of Rogue's first homecoming after leaving the mansion. I love the way the supporting cast is drawn, too, from her friends at the Thanksgiving dinner table to the voices in her mind.

The First and Last Places
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Summary: Spring fever hits the school and Jean has just the solution.

"The ground rules are," Jean said, "you must spend all waking hours that are not spent in class together. However, there will be no sleeping together." Groans mixed with nervous laughter. "You must do your daily activities together. And by together we mean the same activity, not just in the same room. If one of you wants to watch television, both of you watch television. If one of you wants to play ping-pong, both of you play."

"You're going to learn about partnership and compromise," Scott said. "Or else you're going to drive each other nuts." That got genuine laughter.

"Can I ask which you and Dr. Grey have done?" St. John piped up from the back of the room.

"No," Jean and Scott said at the same time.

When the senior students at Xavier's are hopelessly distracted by hormones, Jean has a brilliant idea to cure them of it: make them all pretend to be married for a week. Funny and insightful, and I love the appearances by various comic book characters, some of whom haven't made it onto film even now.

The Great Marriage Boondoggle
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Summary: One Rogue. Two timelines. Three personalities. Every possibility. Rogue discovers who she is, could have been, and everything she can become.

Standing in the middle of the lot, I stared around me, trying to get a grip on the situation, which was spiraling toward Freaky real damn fast. Slowly, I put down my bag and realized I still had my change clutched in my hand.

One five, three ones, some metal, enough to get a cab. I took the coins to stuff in my jeans pocket and began to fold the bills when I froze, staring in shock at them in my hand.

I mean, how often, really, do we take a good look at our money?

You know, if you were only going to read one story in this fandom (although heaven knows why you'd be here if you wanted to do that) this would be an excellent choice. Jus Ad Bellum is a wonderful novel on so many levels. It's a great exploration of Rogue's character and the relationships she forms with very different group of X-Men. It's an exciting adventure with action and romance and suspense. Most of all though, it's a long, hard look at the ideologies involved in the conflict between mutants and humans, and at how far people on both sides are willing to go when pushed. By the end, I understood where every character was coming from, and that's its most impressive achievement.

Jus Ad Bellum
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Summary: The prodigal son returns home.

As he tried to find his bearings and get back to his feet, he felt a pair of large, hairy hands pick him up and toss him against a garbage dumpster as the back of his head made impact and he stumbled forward, fingers still reaching toward the lock even as the world spun around him, the halogen street lamps swirling in pinks and greens against the muddy-gray night sky.

But as the lock gave and the harness sprung open, the pain and curses no longer mattered. He didn't even notice as the men held their mouths open in shock as he unfurled his great, white wings. He didn't even care as the entire alley filled with a red light and his attackers were knocked against the far wall and a man with metal claws held them at knife point ... because he was free and they couldn't hurt him any more. No one would ever again. In the sky he was untouchable.

Written after X1, this story has Warren Worthington as one of Xavier's original students, and the first to leave the school to make his own way in the world. Having left the mansion on bad terms, Angel finds himself back there and discovers that it might be possible to reforge his ties with his friends with some compromise on both sides. A lovely story about Warren and how he finds a different way to fit into the school community.

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
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Summary: And out of the ashes, the world is reborn.

In old myths, there is a firebird with magnificent plumage and long life. Five hundred years the phoenix lives, some say; others say a millennium, or more. But at last the phoenix dies, as all empires so must fall; it gathers a nest, bursts into flame, and perishes. And out of the ashes, a new phoenix is born. She rises.

After the events of X3, the survivors move on in a series of nine linked drabbles. A nice look at everyone's reactions to the end of the world.

Out of the Ashes
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Summary: Rogue just hasn't been herself lately.

"You cannot continue to let yourself go like this, child." She winced at word "child," but then she sighed and did not react. She was used to it. To Charles Xavier, everyone was a child. Someone to be taken care of. Someone in need of his wisdom. It was his strength, and his failing. She wondered if he knew this.

"We have been over that argument before," he chided gently -- of course he'd overheard what she was thinking, he always could -- "and I'm certain we will go over again in future. Now, however, is not the time. I must concur with the others: you cannot go on like this."

She pressed her forehead against her knees, and this time she did sigh. Noisily. "What is this, an intervention? Don't y'all have anything better to do?"

A scarily plausible scenario, as disorienting and unsettling as the Salvador Dali painting it takes its name from.

The Persistence of Memory
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Summary: Jean is on her way home.

She is aware of pinprick sensations -- the heaviness of cold and darkness on every inch of her body. She doesn't know how much time has passed, whether it has been seconds or hours or even days. As a medical doctor, she only knows she should be dead, not contemplating her current state of existence.

After X2, Jean starts to find her way home. A lovely series of drabbles about how she reaches out to them - and how they reach back.

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Summary: Charles Xavier lights three candles every Sunday morning.

The truth of it is this: Charles Xavier cannot go to confession, because there is no word for the sin he attempted. Even 'genocide' implies an attempt on the lives of a specific segment of the human race. What do you call the attempted annihilation of its totality?

This story, set after X2, manages to be both the best Charles Xavier character study I’ve read and a wonderful take on the ensemble of the first two X-men movies, doing justice to the enormity of the actions done to and by Xavier. I have a particular soft spot for the scenes with Kurt throughout and Charles’ dream of Jean at the end, but everyone’s voices are spot-on. A well deserved classic.

(Guest rec by [personal profile] selenak.)

Ten Thousand Candles
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Summary: How a telepath might experience the dreams of others.

There aren't a lot of X-Men movieverse vids out there, but what they lack in numbers they tend to make up for in quality. This is a wonderful vid about how the world could look through the eyes and mind of a telepath. I love the use of colours and shapes here.

Touch Me Fall

(The link is to the vid index page.)
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Summary: Scott and the kids put on the first school play at Xavier's.

"'Who knows not where a wasp does--'"

"Doth, Bobby, doth!"

"Thanks, Jube. 'Who knows not where a wasp doth wear his sting, in his TAIL!'" With that line, Bobby reached out and solidly grabbed his leading lady's backside, causing Kitty to break character and yelp in outrage.

Hoots and squeals rang out, and instead of giving Bobby a lecture, (as Logan would've expected) Cyclops simply said. "Bobby, the earlier line was 'pluck,' not grope."

"Sorry, 'In his tail!'" He settled for a simple pinch.

Storm laughed, and Logan fought the temptation to yell, "I liked it better the other way!"

The school production of The Taming of the Shrew is going to be great, provided Bobby doesn't freeze all the paper mache and Jubilee doesn't decide to hang the director upside down for use as a spotlight. Hilarious and heart-warming.

Kiss Me, Kitty

The Taming of the Set

Drama and Trauma in the Dressing Room

The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd


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