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Summary: The blade slid into the flesh, its sharpness balking at first and then easing in with a sickly wet sound.

The Mutant Question was the topic of the day now. It seemed to escape people that the mutants weren’t a real force yet. Some day, perhaps. A generation, maybe two – yes.

Now? Just a tool, whether they wished it or not. There simply weren’t enough of them to coalesce in a movement of their own, no matter how often Magneto got his purple-caped ass kicked in a televised manner. Just a tool to be used by older interests, established and strong, by the entrenched ideas and old hates. Or Ideals.

A fascinating look at how global politics might function in a universe that has mutants in it. Set in both Washington D.C. and Chechnya, this story deftly explores the complications superpowers could add to real-world problems. Some things are different, and others depressingly similar. And X-Men fandom could always use more espionage, international incidents and people getting stabbed in dark alleys.

Cloak and Dagger
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Summary: On the run, Toad visits an old friend.

At a quarter past two, Anagram was standing on his balcony, looking over the edge. He wasn't entirely happy with this. He wasn't fond of heights. But he wanted very much to know how Toad intended to get up the side of the building.

"You are living posh," Toad's voice said over his head, and Anagram jumped, dropped his cigarette, and whirled about, ending up with his shoulder blades pressed to the railing.

"Fuck!" He grabbed the railing, staring up at Toad, who was clinging to the side of the building with nothing more than his hands.

I always thought Toad has a very British punk aesthetic in the films, so it makes perfect sense to me that he used to be a bass player. In this story he meets an old bandmate and they both get something they need out of the encounter. I really like the way this digs into the politics of mutation and how it might intersect with other kinds of identity issues.

Kissable Fanatic, Unhinged Minim Artists
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Summary: Logan's not the first.

She writes Rogue poetry and makes her watch Masterpiece Theatre and strange British comedy that Rogue mostly understands and finds herself laughing at, startled and happy. Brea lives on a whole different plane. Sometimes it's lower than the rest of them, sometimes it's higher. But it's definitely different.

Brea knows things. When she discovered Rogue's limitations, she wrote out a detailed list of sex toys that didn't require body-to-body contact and left it, folded only once, halfway under Rogue's door. Bobby found it first. Brea turned his face green for a week. "For envy," she said, and winked at Rogue.

I love this original character, and her power, and the way she connects with Rogue. Sensuous and sharp.

La Brea
mutatismutandis: Bobby's ice rose. (Gifted)
Summary: Ororo Munroe has a secret admirer.

When the science journals carry headlines that talk about mutations and genetics and the changing face of humanity, she always places the magazines face down on the counter and looks at me with wide and slightly fearful eyes. I turned the magazines over once and watched as her fingers knotted around each other, slowly tightening and strangling in fear. I didn't turn her magazines over after that.

Storm is in the closet, but at least she has company. Beautiful and sad, and a reminder that community reactions to mutants aren't always what they might expect.

The Lover
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Summary: A student’s-eye view of Xavier, post-X2.

“T.H. White,” I said. “He’s not like the others. He tells you the right names of things.”

“How so?”

“When Arthur turns into an ant, he turns into Messor barbarus. Most writers would just say he turned into an ant. They wouldn’t say what kind, not even to themselves. That’s the problem with fiction.”

The original character in this story has one of the most fascinating mutations I've ever seen, and it would be well worth reading for that alone. There's a lot more going on here, though, in his interaction with Xavier. A wonderful insight into his state of mind after X2.



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