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Summary: The first thing Methos is aware of is weight.

The first thing Methos is aware of is weight, and what feels to be a cramp of epic proportions. Why couldn't he have died in a good position?

The next thing he's aware of is water, a lot of water, and a tiny bright speck above him that must be sky.

He holds his breath and struggles, but too much time has passed between reviving and motion and he bloody well hates fucking deja vu.

I've never watched the Highlander TV series, but I gather that a lot of fans spent parts of X2 wondering what the hell Methos was doing working for William Stryker. This story explains all that, and provides him with an unlikely ally in the form of Yuriko Oyama. I think they're going to have fun together.


Date: 2011-06-11 04:01 pm (UTC)
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That was an interesting story. Thanks for the rec!


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