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Summary: Who can these confused young mutants turn to for advice?

Things are going great with my girlfriend. She's totally hot and great in bed. Majorly GGG. I swear, it's like she can read my mind. The only thing is, she dresses like a professional dominatrix. I love it when we're alone, but I get so jealous when she leaves the house in her underwear and a cape. I don't like the idea of other men looking at her. Am I being unreasonable?

For My Eyes Only

I am a huge fan of Savage Love, Dan Savage's sex and relationship advice column, and the cast of First Class could definitely use some guidance. Dan's voice is spot-on here, and the letters are hilarious. A brilliant concept.

(Obligatory Dan Savage disclaimer: I am not interested in arguing about the things that Dan Savage is wrong about. Especially not on my fanfiction recs journal.)

Savage Love: First Class
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Summary: After all these years, Mystique looks a little different. Natasha looks exactly the same.

She stands in front of a stool, two down from Mystique, orders a vodka martini, then waits for it, wishing with great intensity for the days you could smoke inside in this city. Because if now were then, she could simply have struck up a conversation by asking for a light.

Also because she would really like a cigarette.

I love crossovers in general, and those that bring other Marvel movie characters into the orbit of the X-Men universe are among my favourite kinds. In this story, Mystique makes contact with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Natasha Romanova. The author borrows Black Widow's comicverse background to good effect, and shows how much she and Mystique have in common - although maybe that's not as much as they used to.

Common Cause
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Summary: Arvin Sloane has a proposition. Magneto listens.

Rambaldi had not predicted mutants. They were not mentioned in any prophecies of the future, which was why they had never held too much interest for you. Given Rambaldi's accuracy in all other things, they probably were not the next step in evolution, but a time-limited phenomenon, an interesting branch in the human tree that would remain without descendants, like the Neanderthals. Watching the news and hearing the young people at your office hotly debate about the Mutant Registration Act, you were struck with a mixture of amusement and ennui. It did not really matter one way or the other, except in one regard.

A crossover with Alias in which two ageing players of the Great Game meet on a ferry. Does a wonderful job of conveying the grey and frosty atmosphere.

Ferry Tales
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Summary: Nick Fury gets a new intern and she's not at all what he bargained for.

"I don't need a new assistant," Fury scowled. "Why didn't he send her to McCoy in Mutant Affairs?" Fury didn't like surprises in his day. A teenage girl popping bubblegum in his office definitely rated as surprises in his book. "Why me? Why couldn't they match her with Coulson or you?"

"Coulson has his hands full with the incident in New Mexico," Natasha closed her file. "As for me, maybe I didn't strike them as overly maternal?"

I'd never have thought of teaming up Nick Fury and Jubilee, but now that I've read this, I would be willing to pay good money for a comic based on this premise. The two of them are a surprisingly good match, and S.H.I.E.L.D. could certainly use more bubblegum and bright yellow overcoats.

Jubilation Lee: Agent of SHIELD
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Summary: A chance meeting at a clothing store leads to an unlikely friendship between Hank and Ben Grimm.

"Damn kid burnt a hole through my favourite jacket, so I'm making him buy me another one, and a new pair of shoes if I promised not to tell Sue. Trouble is..."

"There aren't ever any sizes or only for their ugliest pair?" Hank glanced down at his own feet, which were tucked inside a very large pair of sneakers. He'd much prefer to be barefoot, but many establishments frowned upon that sort of thing.

"Huh. Yeah. I mean, look at these." Ben held up a pair of leather shoes that would've been respectable enough had some designer not decided to use big, ugly stitches that went around the toe. "These deserve to be set on fire."

A charming story of bonding between two men who turn out to have more in common than you might think. It's also about the little ways this unexpected friendship helps bring Hank out of the shell he's retreated to. I also enjoyed seeing Hank interacting with Jubilee, and I love the idea that she buys Wolverine mittens *g*.

Lose These Blues I've Found
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Summary: Peter Parker learns a lot from Professor McCoy. Spider-man crossover.

"I must admit, I'm a bit surprised by your reaction, Peter. Many would not have taken my revelation so calmly. Nor would most think to ask if I used my mutant abilities for the good of others."

Crap. He knew. And Peter had totally blown it. How could he have been so stupid? Most people were afraid of mutants, or hated mutants, or were tolerant only from a distance. Peter might as well have painted, 'Hey! I'm a freaky mutated crime-stopping good guy, too!' on his forehead and then done a little dance while squirting his webbing everywhere and singing that stupid 'Spider-Man, Spider-Man' song. Jeez!

The idea of Hank McCoy as one of Peter Parker's professors is pure genius, and the pair of them find a lot to bond about when Beast is called away to a 'family emergency' while his student is in the room. This story just leaves me with a ridiculous grin on my face.

Office Hours
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Summary: n. an abnormal and persistent fear of rain. The end of the world comes to Westchester County.

On the first day, when the rains begin to fall, Ororo becomes the subject of many uncomfortable glances from students and X-Men alike. Halfway through the history lesson, she overhears Jubilation Lee mutter to Katherine Pryde, "Man, whaddya think's gotten her in such a bad mood?" as the downpour hammers the broad windows. Kitty only shrugs and rolls her eyes, then puts on a studiously innocent expression as Ororo raises an eyebrow her way.

A loose crossover with The Day After Tomorrow, in which the catastrophic breakdown of the planet's climate is seen through the eyes of a mutant weather goddess. An excellent idea for a crossover, and the result is effectively creepy.

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Summary: The first thing Methos is aware of is weight.

The first thing Methos is aware of is weight, and what feels to be a cramp of epic proportions. Why couldn't he have died in a good position?

The next thing he's aware of is water, a lot of water, and a tiny bright speck above him that must be sky.

He holds his breath and struggles, but too much time has passed between reviving and motion and he bloody well hates fucking deja vu.

I've never watched the Highlander TV series, but I gather that a lot of fans spent parts of X2 wondering what the hell Methos was doing working for William Stryker. This story explains all that, and provides him with an unlikely ally in the form of Yuriko Oyama. I think they're going to have fun together.



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