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Aaaaaaawww! Kurt is even more adorable in chibi form. I like the shading work on the background, too.

Chibi Movie-Nightcrawler by ~MarsW on deviantART
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Summary: When Kurt wants to be alone and Artie wants someone to talk to, both end up getting what they really need.

"Was it me you came here to see?" he asked. He had no idea why that would be, but Artie nodded. Okay. "Why?"

The image entering his mind was so vibrant and beautiful that it forced him to blink - not that blinking helped. He saw Jean Grey, the woman who had died, dressed in her X-Men uniform and with her red hair glittering in the sun. She seemed taller than she should be, until he realised that of course she would be, from the perspective of a preteen boy. And she was laughing.

Unlike everyone else at the mansion after X2, Kurt isn't really in a position to grieve for the loss of Jean Grey - but he can still help. I love the way Artie's powers are portrayed here, and the images he projects show great insight into the mansion's residents. This isn't just a great story about Artie and Kurt, though, but about Jean seen through the eyes of her student, and about what her adopted family lost when they lost her.

Grief and the Lack of It
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Summary: Kurt and Ororo, chatting on the roof.

It was quiet on the far side and he quickly became absorbed in his thoughts. He didn't notice the soft breeze increasing. When she appeared in his view it so startled him that he nearly lost his perch. She floated gracefully on the currents of air at her command, turning an elegant back flip before settling on the roof, smiling at him.

He met her smile. "You could have been a legend in the circus."

"I'll take that as a compliment," she said with a laugh. "What would they call me? The Astounding Storm?"

"No, you would have been an angel..." he said. His eyes twinkled as he continued, mimicking a ringmaster's boastful patter. "An ethereal, angelic aerialist with the power of the elements at her beck and call! Thrill as she performs her death-defying aerial tricks! Wonder as she brings down the rains from heaven to your very faces!"

Storm, Nightcrawler, the evening breeze and some friendly - or maybe more than friendly - conversation. Kurt and Ororo really are adorable together, and this is a charming story.

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Great pencil sketch. The tattoos are impressive, but what I like most is the shine off Kurt's costume.

Nightcrawler by ~artechx on deviantART
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I love this heavily stylized take on Kurt, especially the tail.

Xmen NightCrawler version by *Jeemfers on deviantART
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Summary: Kurt talks to a priest. The priest talks back.

"You shouldn't have to hide," Father Enrico said as he pulled his bulk into the narrow aisle between the pews, gathering his skirts to him. He sat down with a small huff. "You are, as I've said before, as much God's creature as I. You were born of mortal flesh, as was I. You had a father and a mother." Had Kurt had such? Well, presumably he'd had them.

This close, Kurt could smell the spicy sweat of the man, like smoked garlic sausage and incense. "I was adopted," he admitted. "I never knew my --what is the phrase? --my birth parents."

"Hmm," Father Enrico said non-committally. "And do you know why?"

"I was born much as I am now," Kurt answered, keeping his voice carefully neutral. Then he grinned at Father Enrico. "But I was cuter then."

A neat story about how Kurt became what he is, and how he might become someone else. I like stories that get into the nitty gritty of the ideological debate around mutant rights, and this is a great one for that.

Ode to Joy
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Summary: Jean is on her way home.

She is aware of pinprick sensations -- the heaviness of cold and darkness on every inch of her body. She doesn't know how much time has passed, whether it has been seconds or hours or even days. As a medical doctor, she only knows she should be dead, not contemplating her current state of existence.

After X2, Jean starts to find her way home. A lovely series of drabbles about how she reaches out to them - and how they reach back.

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Summary: Charles Xavier lights three candles every Sunday morning.

The truth of it is this: Charles Xavier cannot go to confession, because there is no word for the sin he attempted. Even 'genocide' implies an attempt on the lives of a specific segment of the human race. What do you call the attempted annihilation of its totality?

This story, set after X2, manages to be both the best Charles Xavier character study I’ve read and a wonderful take on the ensemble of the first two X-men movies, doing justice to the enormity of the actions done to and by Xavier. I have a particular soft spot for the scenes with Kurt throughout and Charles’ dream of Jean at the end, but everyone’s voices are spot-on. A well deserved classic.

(Guest rec by [personal profile] selenak.)

Ten Thousand Candles
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Summary: In which Wolverine deals with the death of Jean Grey in his own fashion. Beer, memory, impermanence and desire.

Logan couldn't figure it, the way he slipped in and out of the world like the world wasn't really there. It made his brain hurt just thinking about it. Same thing with little Kitty, of course, but she was just a kid and she did it easy as breathing. She didn't have the showman's flair that Kurt had. She made walking through walls look normal, and Kurt - he made it look like something you'd buy tickets for. Like a circus trick. Yes.

Logan couldn't stop thinking about the tail. And the skin. And the tattoos. Especially the tattoos. Kurt had begun to fascinate him. This beat the hell out of spending every waking minute replaying the way he let Jean down at Alkali Lake, so he was going with it for a while.

I can see Wolverine grieving exactly like this, with beer and sex and a Kurt Wagner who can be very distracting when he wants to be. What I like most about this is how it gets across Kurt's appeal to Logan - his grace and humour and the marks on his skin that speak to a permanence Logan longs for.

Written on the Body


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