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Summary: Jean Grey gets called to the hospital to help them deal with an injured and under arrest Toad.

I can feel him waking up from here. I can feel the blind panic, can practically smell the crackling ozone. He's reliving the lightning strike. His heart is racing, which is not good in his condition, since his heart's already taken a hell of a beating. He's lucky to be alive. Do the right thing, Jean. He needs to calm down. There's three police officers, two orderlies, and a nurse in here with me. Worst case scenario, someone's spraying solvent in my face in thirty seconds.

After X1, Jean Grey is called in to treat one of the Brotherhood members who tried to kill her. An interesting meditation on how the X-Men and the authorities, as well as Jean on a personal level, might deal with a mutant like Toad.

Witness for the Defense
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Summary: Toad and Mystique go for a drink.

"Want to go for a drink?" Toad asked her.

She looked at him in surprise. It was not that she was unaware of Toad's need to regularly imbibe liquids in order to prevent dehydration and eventual death - a need shared by herself, and by Magneto, and probably also by Sabretooth, although she was working a theory that he mostly only ate and drank because he was able to do so in such an obnoxious manner - but so far as she knew their Secret Lair had an extremely well-stocked kitchen.

Toad and Mystique spend some time together outside a work context. Great fun, and surprisingly sweet - it's nice to see what the Brotherhood get up to when they're not carrying out Magneto's plans or sitting around plotting their next act of mutant terrorism.

Because there's nothing else to do
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Summary: On the run, Toad visits an old friend.

At a quarter past two, Anagram was standing on his balcony, looking over the edge. He wasn't entirely happy with this. He wasn't fond of heights. But he wanted very much to know how Toad intended to get up the side of the building.

"You are living posh," Toad's voice said over his head, and Anagram jumped, dropped his cigarette, and whirled about, ending up with his shoulder blades pressed to the railing.

"Fuck!" He grabbed the railing, staring up at Toad, who was clinging to the side of the building with nothing more than his hands.

I always thought Toad has a very British punk aesthetic in the films, so it makes perfect sense to me that he used to be a bass player. In this story he meets an old bandmate and they both get something they need out of the encounter. I really like the way this digs into the politics of mutation and how it might intersect with other kinds of identity issues.

Kissable Fanatic, Unhinged Minim Artists
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The X1 Brotherhood enjoying the winter weather. I especially like Mystique's coat.

:X-men: Snow Day by ~Viragom on deviantART
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I like the energy the background adds to this fun cartoon of Toad.

T.O.A.D. by ~Batteria on deviantART


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