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Summary: He's made himself a uniform, but he doesn't wear it.

He flies with Moira just barely visible in the corner of his eye, existing mostly in the haze beyond the edge of his glasses. Her fingers grip the armrest, aware of her own mortality in a way the others don't seem to be. He doesn't look at her any more than he needs to.

Clever ficlet in which First Class turns out rather differently for Hank. A interesting possibility.

Working at Cross-Purposes
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Summary: From the kink meme prompt: "Raven taking Hank's virginity while sitting on his lap in the chair."

Hank's eyes are huge behind his glasses, his eyebrows arched up towards his hairline, his face pale and hot at the same time, red flaring on his cheeks. He's adorable, Raven thinks, tilting her head just enough to make the mass of her simulated hair tumble across her shoulder. "I'm glad you like how my cells look," she says, reaching back for her bra hooks. It's a bit of an awkward stretch but she manages to maintain her easy grin, the small triumph heating her further. "I thought I'd show you a few more, if that's not too forward."

A hot, sweet and sad story about Hank and Raven's first time. I love how this conveys both what what Raven sees in him, and what he fails to see about her.

Lose a Winning Match
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Summary: Who can these confused young mutants turn to for advice?

Things are going great with my girlfriend. She's totally hot and great in bed. Majorly GGG. I swear, it's like she can read my mind. The only thing is, she dresses like a professional dominatrix. I love it when we're alone, but I get so jealous when she leaves the house in her underwear and a cape. I don't like the idea of other men looking at her. Am I being unreasonable?

For My Eyes Only

I am a huge fan of Savage Love, Dan Savage's sex and relationship advice column, and the cast of First Class could definitely use some guidance. Dan's voice is spot-on here, and the letters are hilarious. A brilliant concept.

(Obligatory Dan Savage disclaimer: I am not interested in arguing about the things that Dan Savage is wrong about. Especially not on my fanfiction recs journal.)

Savage Love: First Class
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Summary: It takes some time to feel at home.

Her jaw was tight with concentration. It seemed to Hank that Jean always looked tense. It was nothing new; she’d been an extraordinarily tense twelve year old. Now she was clenching her teeth like a stevedore, not like someone reading in a comfortable library on a Saturday evening. Hank wondered if she was interested in the journal in front of her at all, or driven solely by duty. Her hair haloed around her face, glowing in the soft light of the green-shaded lamp on the desk, but she looked like a crusader. Jean d’Arc.

I need to get laid, Hank thought to himself. I’m going to find a cure for cancer before I get laid.

Hank is trying to lose his virginity, and Jean is surprisingly helpful. A story about tolerance, sex and home comforts of all kinds. I love how wonderfully opaque the Jean Grey in this story is, like an iceberg with two-thirds below the water. Hank, by contrast, is endearingly easy to figure out.

Comfort Zone
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Hank in a lab coat! Like the artist, I'm sorry we didn't get to see this in X3. This manip corrects the oversight.

Dr. Hank McCoy by ~sonLUC on deviantART
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Summary: Bobby Drake encounters Henry McCoy for the first time.

"What's it like to. Um. Look like that?"

"Do you think the facial fur detracts from the natural sharpness of my cheekbones? Is blue really my color?"

"I ... I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked, I mean, I didn't mean --"

"It's all right, Bobby. No, don't apologize. I fear I've grown far too accustomed to being rather ... flip with my responses to that sort of question, over the years.

When Bobby met Hank, the movieverse version. These two have an epic friendship for the ages in comic canon, so I love to see them meet in this continuity. Bobby's reaction to the mansion's new occupant is adorable, and the part about the X-Men as a Eurotrash pop band makes me crack up every time.

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Summary: A chance meeting at a clothing store leads to an unlikely friendship between Hank and Ben Grimm.

"Damn kid burnt a hole through my favourite jacket, so I'm making him buy me another one, and a new pair of shoes if I promised not to tell Sue. Trouble is..."

"There aren't ever any sizes or only for their ugliest pair?" Hank glanced down at his own feet, which were tucked inside a very large pair of sneakers. He'd much prefer to be barefoot, but many establishments frowned upon that sort of thing.

"Huh. Yeah. I mean, look at these." Ben held up a pair of leather shoes that would've been respectable enough had some designer not decided to use big, ugly stitches that went around the toe. "These deserve to be set on fire."

A charming story of bonding between two men who turn out to have more in common than you might think. It's also about the little ways this unexpected friendship helps bring Hank out of the shell he's retreated to. I also enjoyed seeing Hank interacting with Jubilee, and I love the idea that she buys Wolverine mittens *g*.

Lose These Blues I've Found
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Summary: Peter Parker learns a lot from Professor McCoy. Spider-man crossover.

"I must admit, I'm a bit surprised by your reaction, Peter. Many would not have taken my revelation so calmly. Nor would most think to ask if I used my mutant abilities for the good of others."

Crap. He knew. And Peter had totally blown it. How could he have been so stupid? Most people were afraid of mutants, or hated mutants, or were tolerant only from a distance. Peter might as well have painted, 'Hey! I'm a freaky mutated crime-stopping good guy, too!' on his forehead and then done a little dance while squirting his webbing everywhere and singing that stupid 'Spider-Man, Spider-Man' song. Jeez!

The idea of Hank McCoy as one of Peter Parker's professors is pure genius, and the pair of them find a lot to bond about when Beast is called away to a 'family emergency' while his student is in the room. This story just leaves me with a ridiculous grin on my face.

Office Hours
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Summary: And out of the ashes, the world is reborn.

In old myths, there is a firebird with magnificent plumage and long life. Five hundred years the phoenix lives, some say; others say a millennium, or more. But at last the phoenix dies, as all empires so must fall; it gathers a nest, bursts into flame, and perishes. And out of the ashes, a new phoenix is born. She rises.

After the events of X3, the survivors move on in a series of nine linked drabbles. A nice look at everyone's reactions to the end of the world.

Out of the Ashes
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Summary: As the Mutant Registration Act turns friends into enemies and enemies into friends, Hank desperately tries to retain some sense of normality – or what passes for normal, at any rate.

"Jean Grey will be lecturing Congress next week," Raven says, in the same tone she had used the previous month to tell him that she was learning to fly helicopters. He's never sure whether he should roll his eyes or call the FBI. "If you were talking I might actually listen."

Ah, Jean. Bitingly intelligent and only abnormal in appearance in that she might be better suited to strutting catwalks than explaining basic science to acne-faced adolescents. "Charles is clearly betting that Kelly is the only member of the Republican Party not secretly getting his kicks from boys in bathrooms," Hank replies. It's an easier admission than the truth. "Will you be there? I might stop by…"

"One way or another."

Hank McCoy is trying to keep an outsider's perspective on the conflict between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, but this is no easy task. A great look at what Beast was doing (or perhaps more to the point, not doing) during X1.



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