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Summary: John lost a lot at Alcatraz, and gained a little bit in the aftermath.

"Try this instead." Remy pushed the whiskey over and watched, close, while John twisted the glass then sniffed the liquid. "C'mon, mon ami, you know you want to try it."

He crooked a grin, and flipped the card around his fingers, walked it from one to the other. John watched him over the top of the glass and then, fast, swallowed the whiskey down in a gulp.

It hurt, it burned, it was a fire in his belly. He couldn't breathe, but it was so good, so hot, and it uncurled in his stomach, warmed him from the inside out. Remy grabbed the glass from his hand and slammed it down on the bar.

After X3, John has lost his powers and his way - but there's a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a certain Cajun gambler. Pyro and Gambit strike me as an interesting match, I like seeing them have fun together. (Of the getting into fights and burning things variety, and the other kind.)

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Really nice pencil drawing - I love the detail on the jacket and Remy's playful expression.

Catch This by *Shigdioxin on deviantART
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All I have to say to this is: guh. Gambit certainly is pretty. I really like the detail on the hair and the glowing eyes.

Alone Time by ~Catherine-OC on deviantART
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Turns out there's a downside to having a catlike mutation *g*. I like the panel layout, too.

creed's weakness by ~rockedgirl on deviantART
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Gorgeous digital paiting; I love the way the image is springing out of its frame and the glowing staff.

Gambit Colors by ~PYdiyudie on deviantART
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Comic fans will have noticed that Deadpool is a little ... different ... in Wolverine. This series of comics explains the differences in a way I find entirely plausible *g*.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three
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Gorgeous painting of Victor Creed, and I'm not normally the type to use 'Victor Creed' and 'gorgeous' in the same sentence. I love the texture on the coat.

Sabretooth by ~lshgsk on deviantART


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