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This photomanip does a neat job of somehow making Warren look heavy and completely weightless at the same time.

Angel in Water by ~FanOfVilya on deviantART
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Summary: Hope is the thing with feathers/That perches in the soul.

Warren climbed to the top of the jungle gym and tipped his head back, watching the tattered clouds chase each other across the sky and make a hazy, shifting mask over the sun. It made his chest go tight and his shoulders hurt, but he didn't look away. He was used to feeling that way, a lot, when he looked at the sky or at the pigeons outside his window or at his father across the length of the dining-room table. A dull, vague kind of ache all over, but stronger in his shoulders and his heart. Maybe that was what they called growing pains.

A glimpse of Warren Worthington's life long before X3, when he's a twelve-year-old boy already suffering the effects of his father's prejudice. Luckily, one of the X-Men is there to provide moral support even if he can't do anything else. I like that Scott gets to be the cool guy here, and his conversation with Warren is lovely.

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Summary: Things change.

Time passes. It must – her whole body progressively feels more and more like lead. Lead that's been doused in gasoline, and set on fire. Repeatedly. Under and around the cold, she burns.

The trees all look the same, though – spectral outlines in the dark – and the stars aren't visible through the branches. Could've been hours, or maybe they've only just started walking. She can't tell.

It's hard to believe that these are the same woods she's often explored over the years. Even when she went on camping trips with the other students, the trees still felt familiar and comforting. The difference that a few flashlights can make. Oh, and not being chased by a bunch of gun-wielding commandos. She's heard that can help.

The fate of the kids who escaped from the mansion during the attack in X2 gets glossed over in the movie, which is understandable given everything else that's going on. This story fills in the gaps nicely, as Kitty, Piotr and Warren run from their home and try to keep the younger children - and each other - safe.

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Summary: The prodigal son returns home.

As he tried to find his bearings and get back to his feet, he felt a pair of large, hairy hands pick him up and toss him against a garbage dumpster as the back of his head made impact and he stumbled forward, fingers still reaching toward the lock even as the world spun around him, the halogen street lamps swirling in pinks and greens against the muddy-gray night sky.

But as the lock gave and the harness sprung open, the pain and curses no longer mattered. He didn't even notice as the men held their mouths open in shock as he unfurled his great, white wings. He didn't even care as the entire alley filled with a red light and his attackers were knocked against the far wall and a man with metal claws held them at knife point ... because he was free and they couldn't hurt him any more. No one would ever again. In the sky he was untouchable.

Written after X1, this story has Warren Worthington as one of Xavier's original students, and the first to leave the school to make his own way in the world. Having left the mansion on bad terms, Angel finds himself back there and discovers that it might be possible to reforge his ties with his friends with some compromise on both sides. A lovely story about Warren and how he finds a different way to fit into the school community.

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
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Summary: Some people aren't meant to be kept on the ground.

The second time he flies, it takes just as many months to practice as it does to work up the nerve.

The practice is easier than he thinks. The initial shock of reaching back to scratch his shoulder blade for the millionth time in a week and brushing his fingertips over pinfeathers, white and perfect and slightly damp where they emerge from his skin, dies a quick death. The fear of being found out fades away the first time he tilts back his head and looks up at the sky, the feathers tickling his flesh as they skim across the inside of his expensive school uniform.

If something's calling to him up there, he's probably just imagining that.

Warren learns to fly. A gorgeous story of what Angel's wings mean to him, and how he comes to embrace them and what they give him. I also like the background characters here; it's always nice to see humans who aren't waiting to get out the pitchforks and torches for every mutant they see.

The Man on the Flying Trapeze
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Summary: Lessons in unlikely places.

"First I thought the walls were melting," Scott said. "Then I thought the wallpaper was pulsating. I was pretty sure it was sending me messages in Morse code. And through it all I thought Wolverine was singing show tunes in the main hall. Tap-dancing, too. The scariest thing was that he wasn't half bad."

"Go to hell, One-Eye," Logan said, entering the rec room with a beer.

"You're an ingrate, Wolverine," Warren scolded. "Here Scott is telling you that your mysterious past may well contain a stint in musical theater, and are you appreciative?"

Scott is sick, and his friends are less than sympathetic to his plight. Seldom has food poisoning turned out to be this hilarious.

A Teaching Moment


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