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The best places to go if you're looking for X-Men movieverse fanfiction are the four pages in the links sidebar - the X-Men Movieverse Fanfiction Archive and its sister site the Wolverine and Rogue Fanfiction Archive, the Archive of Our Own and

If you're trying to find fic for First Class specifially, there's a fantastic collection of links on Delicious.

The major livejournal communities are X-Fiction and X-Men Movie Fanfic. However, since stories have been spreading out all over the web since 2000, there are certainly a lot more places to go looking!

If you know of a link I missed, please comment here so I can add it.


Bright Shiny Objects

A multi-fandom recs page with a substantial X-Men section, both comic and movieverse.

Color and Movement

Tha Wrecka's multifandom recs, including plenty of X-Men movieverse.

The Crack Van

The Crack Van is a multifandom recs journal with rotating 'drivers' who rec fic in dozens of different fandoms. In the memories section, you can find X-Men movieverse recs from past months.

It's About the Stories

Lots of recommendations here, including X-Men movieverse.

Polyamorous Recommendations

A massive collection of recs in a wide variety of fandoms.

Multifandom recs including a lot of X-Men movieverse.

Stop. Fucking. Bitching.

Te has a huge collection of recommendations in more than two dozen fandoms, including X-Men movieverse.

Unfit for Society

The large X-Men section of victoria p's recs site. Lots of Logan/Rogue.


First Class Fic

An impressive index of First Class stories from all over the place.

Livejournal Communities

Azazel and Riptide's Kingdom

A 'shipper community for Azazel and Riptide from X-Men: First Class.

Bobby/Marie/St John

A community for general discussion, fiction, and anything else related to Iceman, Rogue and Pyro from the movies.

Chaotic Evolution

A Darwin/Havok 'shipper community.

Charlie's Angels

A Xavier-dedicated livejournal community for discussion/fanfiction related to any X-Men universe.

Charles/Erik: First Class

A community for Charles/Erik slashed based specifically on First Class.


A community for stories about Charles and Raven in any X-Men continuity.

Cruelly Handsome

A Magneto/Mystique community for the posting of fanfiction, fan art, icons, etc.

Dry Ice

A Pyro/Iceman slash fanfiction community.


A slash community centered around the pairing Erik/Charles, focusing primarily on the First Class movie-verse.

The First Class

A community for all kinds of fanworks based on First Class.

First Class Kink

A kink meme for fic based on First Class.

First Class Slash

A community for slash based on X-Men: First Class.

Old Friends

A Magneto/Xavier 'shipper community.

RoLo Shippers

A Wolverine/Storm 'shipper community.

Wolverine and Rogue

The livejournal community officially associated with, for the posting of fanfiction and other material relating to the Logan/Rogue relationship.


Livejournal community associated with the list of the same name, for the posting of X-Men fanfiction set in any universe.

X-Men Big Bang

A Big Bang challenge for X-Men fanfiction.

X-Men First Kink

A kink meme for fic based on First Class.

X-Men Movie Fanfic

The livejounal community linked to the archive of the same name. For the posting of fanfiction based on the X-Men movies.

X-Men Slash Fiends

Just as the name implies, this is a community for the posting of X-Men slash fiction, from any universe.

General Archives

This site is like an alternative version of, with a focus on adult-rated stories. There are a reasonable number of X-Men movieverse stories there, along with work from dozens of other fandoms.

Archive of Our Own

The AO3 offers a central hosting place for fanfiction and other fanworks in any fandom people care to upload there. It currently houses several hundred X-Men movieverse stories, and is a good place to look for new First Class fic.

The Dark Vault

Eiluned's archive contains several different fandoms - Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and X-Files as well stories based on Ultimate X-Men, the original comics and X-men movie fanfiction.

Massive amounts of fanfiction in every fandom you can think of, and some you probably can't. Includes an enormous collection of X-Men movieverse fanfiction, although the NC-17 rated stories were deleted some time ago.

Glass Onion

A huge multifandom automated archive, associated with the mailing list of the same name.

Haven of Fic

This is another multifandom archive, although the link here takes you directly to the large X-Men movieverse section.


Another large multifandom archive, for stories posted to the sliverlake mailinng list.

The X-Men Movieverse

Founded soon after the first film came out, this is probably the largest general collection of X-Men movieverse fanfiction on the web, storing over six hundred stories. It's recently begun updating again after a long hiatus, and it's a wonderful resource.

X-Men the Movie Slash Fiction Archive

An impressive collection of X-Men movie slash fiction.

Character or Pairing Archives

Alara's Magneto Page

Alara's impressive collection of stories concerning Magneto, in every universe. There's an index specifically devoted to 'Media Magnetos' including the one from the film.

Alara's Mystique Page

See above, only this page is devoted to Mystique, in all her incarnations.

Animal Attraction

A Logan/Jean 'shipper site devoted to the couple in any version of canon.

Chuck Amuck!

This one is Alara's archive for stories about Professor Charles Xavier, set in any universe.

The Wolverine and Rogue Fanfiction Archive

This Logan/Rogue 'shipper page not only houses the largest archive of stories devoted to the X-Men movieverse on the web - more than one thousand fics as I type this - but also a number other sites and nifty things. C2 Communities

Charlie's Angels

A collection of Charles Xavier fanfic from several iterations of the X-Men universe.

Extensive Original Character Library

A truly impressive index of more than two hundred stories that introduce original characters to the X-Men universe.

Kitty and Bobby Stories

A collection of Kitty/Bobby fanfic inspired by X3.

Magneto's Island

A collection of stories centred on the Brotherhood of Mutants.


Fanfic where Erik Lensherr is a main character - all pairings and permutations welcome.

My Guardian Angel

Stories about Warren Worthington III, the high-flying Angel.

Nightcrawler and Toad Fanfiction

A C2 dedication to two often negelected movieverse characters.

Pyro & Ryro Fiction

Stories about Pyro, either paired with Rogue or on his own.

Rogue & Gambit in Movieverse

As it says in the title, this is an index of stories that introduce Gambit to the movieverse, and to Rogue.

RoLo Lovers

A community for Storm/Wolverine stories.

The Twain Shall Meet

All about the relationship between Wolverine and Cyclops - not just slash, but stories about their relationship in general.

The Untouchable Heart

Stories pairing Rogue with Pyro, Cyclops or Wolverine.

X4 Fanfictions

Post-X3 fanfic set after the trilogy.

Mailing Lists

The Dead Dolphin and Flogged Horse List:

A large and active Wolverine/Rogue 'shipper list.

Faith and Anger

A list for the posting of stories about Storm and Nightcrawler, either as a couple or on their own. Discussion is also welcome.

Storm & Wolverine

A large mailing list for Ororo/Logan 'shipper fanfic set in any universe.


The official list associated with the Wolverine and Rogue Fanfiction Archive, including both fanfiction and discussion of the characters.

Author Pages

Aldalindil's Fanfic

Aldalindil's Harry Potter and X-Men movieverse fanfiction, housed at

Andariel: The Insomniac's Playground

Andariel's fanworks centred around X-Men and Smallville. Includes recs and screen caps as well as fiction.

Azurine: Teethmarks

Azurine's X-Men fanfiction, mainly set in the Ultimate universe, with a few original comicverse stories thrown in.


All of Basingstoke's fanfiction in a multitude of fandoms. Note the adult warning.

Beth: Cerebral Mutation

This is where Beth keeps her X-Men stories. She mainly writes Logan/Rogue, but there's also a strong emphasis on the ensemble cast here.


X-Men movievese, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fanfiction.

C. Elisa: Intimate Structure

Mainly slashfic so far, about Xavier, Magneto and Storm.

Chloe: sometimes, but seldom really tragic

Mainly Harry Potter and X-Men movieverse, with a few other one-shots on the side.

The Costumer's Fiction Page

Home of the Whatever Remains series, a hilarious and yet strangely plausible exploration of a romantic relationship between Magneto and Rogue. Make no mistake, however - this is an ensemble story, where everyone has a part to play. I usually refrain from editorial comment on the links page, but you should read this - the only reason I haven't snagged it for the archive is that it's permanently unfinished.

darkstar: Below the Moon

darkstar's Alias, X-Files and X-Men movieverse fanfiction all in one convenient location.

Dee: Furtive Scribblings

Dee's stories cover a wide variety of characters from the movie, as well as Ultimate X-Men.

Domenika Marzione: DMZ

Domenika's fanfiction is mainly concerned with the comicverse incarnations of the X-Men, but she started out in the movieverse and has written several stories set in that reality.


Doyle's archives, including her personal page. Most of the fanfiction is BtVS and Angel.

Eiluned: Stardust

Eiluned mostly writes Wolverine/Jean Grey stories, set in the original comics universe and Ultimate as well as the movie.

Elizabeth Wilde: Whispering Moon

Elizabeth has produced a large number of stories about a large number of characters - just about all the X-Men are in here somewhere, along with several other fandoms.

Emily Meredith: The Powder Room

Emily's fanfiction, mainly Alias and West Wing with a few other fandoms thrown in for good measure.

Jane St Clair: Janefic

Jane has written several stories set in both the comic and movie X-Men universes. Plenty of slash, mostly NC-17 rated. (Adults not easily offended by nudity will also enjoy Jane's amazing Imaging the X-Men page.)

Jenn: Indulgence

Home to Jenn's numerous X-Men stories (including the On Love and Lust at Mutant High series) and also an extensive collection of recommendations.

Jessica: procrastination station

Jessica's fanfiction, mainly Roswell.

Jordanna Morgan: Animal Magnetism

Jordanna's X-Men movieverse fanfiction. There's plenty of Logan, although the rest of the characters also get some attention.

Karen S's Fanfiction

Karen's X-Men movieverse stories.

Kass: slash/scribblings

Kass's slashfic, in due South, Sentinel, Harry Potter and a few other fandoms.

Kate Bolin: The Pearl

Kate has written in a number of different fandoms, including BtVS, Angel and Harry Potter in addition to X-Men movieverse

Khaki: The Med Lab

Khaki's stories mainly revolve around Logan and Rogue, with frequent appearances by Jean Grey. She also writes fanfiction about other characters played by Hugh Jackman.

Macha: The Sticky Wicket

Macha's Alias, West Wing and X-Men fanfiction.

Mara Greengrass: Diversions and Disgressions

This site houses all of Mara's work. She's written comicverse as well as movieverse X-Men stories, plus DC, Enterprise and several other fandoms.


Mo's stories centre on Scott and Logan as a couple, but there are plenty of other characters involved. Watch the adult warnings.

Nancy Lorenz: A Life Not Ordinary

Nancy's Logan/Rogue fanwork, including art as well as fiction, and some recommendations as well.

Nestra's Pantheon

Nestra has written in a huge variety of fandoms, including BtVS, Angel and Smallville.

Nix: Obsidian Quills

Nix's fanfiction in many fandoms. The X-Men stories are mainly concerned with Scott, Kurt and Ororo.

Paxnirvana's Circle of Hell

Paxnirvana has written in several fandoms, including several version of X-Men continuity. Please note the adult content warning.

Ransom: Eye Teeth

Mainly movieverse Logan/Rogue, but with a couple of comicverse stories as well.

Sarah T: Sometimes You Need a Story

A large collection of BtVS and Smallville stories, with a few X-Men movieverse pieces.

Seema: Unbound

Lots of Star Trek fanfiction, with a few X-Men movieverse pieces and the odd other fandom on the side. The X-Men stories are mainly focussed on Scott and Jean.

Sevenall: always an excuse for it

Most of Sevenall's work is X-Men comicverse, with a few DC stories and other fandoms thrown in.

Te: Teland

Te has written both comicverse and movieverse X-Men fanfiction, in addition to loads of other fandoms. Look under 'other' for the X-Men stories and check out 'The Hutch' for her numerous collaborations with Jane St Clair.

Terri: Terri's Peep Hut

Terri's X-Men fanfiction, mainly Logan/Rogue.

Titti: Titti's Realm

Titti has written slash in several different fandoms, and her substantial number of Scott/Logan stories are stored here.

Victoria P: Achromatic

Home to victoria's extensive collection of fanfiction, mostly X-Men movieverse (although she has branched out) and mostly Logan/Rogue (although she also has a soft spot for Scott Summers.)


Vast amounts of fanfiction in a bewildering array of fandoms, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Star Wars and Harry Potter. Click on the last button and scroll down to find the X-Men fanfiction.

Zahra: Dysfunctional

Zahra has written lots of Smallville fanfiction, with generous side orders of Buffy and Harry Potter.


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