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Summary: Jean regenerates in the cold waters of the lake. She won't wake up alone, this time.

"Are you okay?" The woman seemed concerned but surprisingly calm, considering that she'd just pulled a leather-clad woman out of a lake.

Jean peered at her. "Do I know you? I think I know you." Her voice was still raspy, but now the woman was close enough to hear.

"Yes, you do. Are you in pain? Cold? Hungry? I've got a fire going." She took Jean's smooth hand in her own calloused one and pulled her to her feet. "Come on."

Jean awakens in Alkali Lake, but this time she's not alone. In it's own way, I think this is one of the scariest stories I've read in this fandom, and I really like this take on Mystique.

Hide a Hundred Girls in Your Hair
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Summary: Callisto comes to the mansion to kidnap Leech, but ends up with someone else entirely.

Logan, having made sure the other students were clear, hurtled into the group at top speed, grabbing Callisto by the throat and throwing her away from Leech. She landed on her feet and sped back towards him, but was thrown off stride when her speed dropped off as she entered the zone of the terrified Leech's power. Ororo wasted no time and leapt from the ground to tackle Callisto around the waist. Off-balance, the two women staggered backwards, stepping down into the decorative pond and falling into a tangled pile of flailing limbs in the water.

Fight scenes, ideological debate and femslash all in one story! In my opinion, all the X-Men's dates should start with a kidnapping. The comic book incarnations of Storm and Callisto have always had a tense and interesting relatioship, so it's nice to see the movie versions interacting here.

Nothing But Blue Skies


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