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Mutatis Mutandis is now mirrored on Delicious.

Between Dreamwidth, Delicious and Tumblr I think everyone should be able to find and follow it on a preferred platform now.
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The best places to go if you're looking for X-Men movieverse fanfiction are the four pages in the links sidebar - the X-Men Movieverse Fanfiction Archive and its sister site the Wolverine and Rogue Fanfiction Archive, the Archive of Our Own and

If you're trying to find fic for First Class specifially, there's a fantastic collection of links on Delicious.

The major livejournal communities are X-Fiction and X-Men Movie Fanfic. However, since stories have been spreading out all over the web since 2000, there are certainly a lot more places to go looking!

If you know of a link I missed, please comment here so I can add it.

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