Jun. 13th, 2011

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Summary: Raven isn't a child anymore. She's trying to prove it.

Raven discovered a lot of things in Paris: sex with women, smoking, eclairs, how to ride a bicycle in a flowy skirt, and the idea of a university education that had nothing to do with genetics. She liked psychology. It seemed interesting; she got inside peoples' heads already, in a way. Maybe she'd study it someday; Hank had said she might live twice as long as a normal person. What was that, 150 years? Jesus.

After First Class, Raven goes to Paris with the Brotherhood and grows up fast. A beautiful story about falling in love and coming of age, and I really like the Irene Adler in this.

Grow Up and Blow Away


mutatismutandis: Xavier, Charles Xavier (Default)

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