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Summary: Scott and the kids put on the first school play at Xavier's.

"'Who knows not where a wasp does--'"

"Doth, Bobby, doth!"

"Thanks, Jube. 'Who knows not where a wasp doth wear his sting, in his TAIL!'" With that line, Bobby reached out and solidly grabbed his leading lady's backside, causing Kitty to break character and yelp in outrage.

Hoots and squeals rang out, and instead of giving Bobby a lecture, (as Logan would've expected) Cyclops simply said. "Bobby, the earlier line was 'pluck,' not grope."

"Sorry, 'In his tail!'" He settled for a simple pinch.

Storm laughed, and Logan fought the temptation to yell, "I liked it better the other way!"

The school production of The Taming of the Shrew is going to be great, provided Bobby doesn't freeze all the paper mache and Jubilee doesn't decide to hang the director upside down for use as a spotlight. Hilarious and heart-warming.

Kiss Me, Kitty

The Taming of the Set

Drama and Trauma in the Dressing Room

The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd
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Post-X3, Rogue has an alternative solution to their touch problem for Bobby. Only the solution might not be that keen on the idea ...

X-Men Parody
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If this movie existed, I would go to see it yesterday. Great concept and perfect fantasy casting.

X-Men Bishop by ~Djray1985 on deviantART
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Saul Bass! Charles Xavier! Two great things that are great together. I wish the official First Class posters had shown half the verve and imagination of the fan ones.

X-MEN FIRST CLASS XAVIER by =rocketraygun on deviantART
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Wolverine has a small problem. Cyclops is less than helpful. Made me laugh out loud *g*.

Part One

Part Two
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Technically some of the stuff in the background here is comicverse, but given the identity of the model for Xavier, I declared it appropriate material anyway *g*. I love the concept here, and the Cerebro images look great.

XavierWacom by *VegetarianGoat on deviantART
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Summary: In which Wolverine deals with the death of Jean Grey in his own fashion. Beer, memory, impermanence and desire.

Logan couldn't figure it, the way he slipped in and out of the world like the world wasn't really there. It made his brain hurt just thinking about it. Same thing with little Kitty, of course, but she was just a kid and she did it easy as breathing. She didn't have the showman's flair that Kurt had. She made walking through walls look normal, and Kurt - he made it look like something you'd buy tickets for. Like a circus trick. Yes.

Logan couldn't stop thinking about the tail. And the skin. And the tattoos. Especially the tattoos. Kurt had begun to fascinate him. This beat the hell out of spending every waking minute replaying the way he let Jean down at Alkali Lake, so he was going with it for a while.

I can see Wolverine grieving exactly like this, with beer and sex and a Kurt Wagner who can be very distracting when he wants to be. What I like most about this is how it gets across Kurt's appeal to Logan - his grace and humour and the marks on his skin that speak to a permanence Logan longs for.

Written on the Body
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Great lighting, and I love the intensity of Logan's expression here.

Wolverine 2 by ~martinezdezign on deviantART
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Neat cartoon-style Wolverine - I like the sense of motion it gives the bike.

Wolverine by *doubleleaf on deviantART
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Summary: Bobby doesn't miss smoking.

Bobby hasn't had a cigarette since they got back from Alkali Lake. He doesn't really miss it. That was always Johnny's thing. He got a kick out of lighting them, and he claimed lighting his own cigarette was never as much fun. Too easy. Also, Johnny had muttered something about being 70 percent sexier when someone else lit your cigarette for you, but Bobby wasn't sure what the hell that meant. Did it even count in this case?

A portrait of Bobby Drake, coping (or not) with John's departure. I love the images in this, and this is exactly the kind of stupid mischief mutant teenagers with more power than sense would get up to.

William Tell
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Victor and Logan looking handsome in their Union Army uniforms. I like the aged effect on the background, as well.

War Memories by ~sikuriina on deviantART
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Summary: The first thing Methos is aware of is weight.

The first thing Methos is aware of is weight, and what feels to be a cramp of epic proportions. Why couldn't he have died in a good position?

The next thing he's aware of is water, a lot of water, and a tiny bright speck above him that must be sky.

He holds his breath and struggles, but too much time has passed between reviving and motion and he bloody well hates fucking deja vu.

I've never watched the Highlander TV series, but I gather that a lot of fans spent parts of X2 wondering what the hell Methos was doing working for William Stryker. This story explains all that, and provides him with an unlikely ally in the form of Yuriko Oyama. I think they're going to have fun together.

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Summary: A picnic, some honey, and a kiss.

A wisp of hair floated past her face and stuck to a small fleck of honey on her cheek. He reached up and smoothed it back into place, then let his bare hand slide down her back. The smell of the honey made him think of wildflowers and bright sunlight, and a little Marie with a sticky face and a grandpa who loved her.

He wondered sometimes what was worse--living with no memories at all, or living with memories of things you couldn't have anymore.

Marie and Logan go on a picnic. Sensuous, sweet and just a little bit sad.

Tupelo Honey
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Summary: Logan calls home, but he doesn't want to go back.

As soon as Marie figured out that she could expect phone calls from Logan at strange times, she started keeping the phone close. Last time he'd been back to Westchester, he'd seen the charging stand on the table next to her bed. It had given him a weird feeling, knowing that it was there so that she could take his late-night phone calls.

Later on, he figured out what that weird feeling was. It took him a lot longer to figure out what to do about it.

An gentle, understated story of how Rogue leads Logan to an understanding of what he wants and where he wants to be.

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Summary: How a telepath might experience the dreams of others.

There aren't a lot of X-Men movieverse vids out there, but what they lack in numbers they tend to make up for in quality. This is a wonderful vid about how the world could look through the eyes and mind of a telepath. I love the use of colours and shapes here.

Touch Me Fall

(The link is to the vid index page.)
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Summary: Scott teaches Rogue to fence.

He walks through the gym in his white-soled sneakers, which he stopped to put on just outside the door. The equipment is stored in the second metal locker on the left. He gets out two masks, two jackets -- he knows her size -- a set of breastplates, a cup, and two foils. Both have French grips. He tried to start her on a pistol grip, but he made the mistake of telling her it would be easier. She just looked up into his face, close to hers because he was standing over her shoulder to adjust her fingers, and said softly, "Scott, I'm not handicapped, I'm just a freak. Teach me the hard way." So he did.

A simple idea perfectly expressed. Scott teaches Rogue more than fencing here, and it's beautiful to watch.

A Touch
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Summary: Jubilee tries to be good. John doesn't make it easy.

The night of Liberty Island, Jubilee makes sure that everyone is in their rooms by curfew. She falls asleep on the grand staircase, waiting for her teachers to come home.

It's Laurie Collins' frightened sobbing that wakes Jubilee in the cold, dark pit beneath Alkali Lake. Though she'd like to sob herself, Jubilee pulls Laurie into her lap and rocks the younger girl until she quiets. Jubilee keeps the other kids calm by retelling every fairy tale, every myth and every campfire story she can remember. She's down to a recitation of Monty Python's Holy Grail, complete with accents, when Ororo finally finds them.

This is a great character portrait of Jubilee, caught between trying to be responsible and her more chaotic impulses. I can see why this version of her would be drawn to Pyro, with whom she has too many of the wrong things in common.

To Be Good
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I like the energy the background adds to this fun cartoon of Toad.

T.O.A.D. by ~Batteria on deviantART
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Summary: The story of how Charles Xavier rescued a young orphan boy from both blindness and despair.

His face below the taped-shut eyes had the expression of an Eastern ascetic. It didn't surprise Xavier that the child had tried to kill himself, but the discipline in the deathwish frightened him. He sensed a strong, courageous mind that had been denied life and consequently had turned to death, with more determination than panic. Not good at all. Looking deeper, he almost sighed with relief when he found a desperate wish for things to be different. If offered an alternative, Scott would want to live. He hadn't quite given up on the world that hated him, he still hungered for love, and that hunger was stronger than the physical hunger he suppressed. If properly cared for, this boy had what it took to be a truly great man, and still he was considered better off dead. Idiots.

Then there was a forceful, impatient thought coming through, even though Xavier hadn't really searched for thoughts: Is he just going to stand there all day?

Touching story of how Charles Xavier rescues Scott from his blindness and gives him something he thought he'd never be able to have again.

This Is My Beloved Son
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Summary: Jean and Scott learn just how fragile the world can be.

You know, a miscarriage--the loss of a child in which no one is to blame--can kill a woman's soul.

Jean knows.

She knows the thin line a woman walks, the one between hating and loving herself, remembering and letting go, guilt and absolution. Jean has tucked it all inside of her, folded the shadow of the burgeoning mass of cells deep within her psyche as a flower pulls its petals in at night.

I love the language and the structure of this story. It offers a painful insight into Jean and Scott as they try to put their lives and their relationship back together.

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Summary: Scott Summers has trouble with a new student. One thing leads to another.

"The eyes bother you?"

"No." I'd seen stranger things on the kids. I'd seen stranger on myself. And he'd already put the joint away, so I wasn't going to insist on anything further.

"Gambit could keep them closed for you ..." And leaned in and kissed me.

Just his lips on mine, and it wasn't as deep or as demanding as I might have expected. Delicate little brushes of his tongue on my mouth, never quite pushing in. And strange, because if he'd been more aggressive about it, it would have been easier to push him away.

I'm a hard sell on Scott/student pairings - or, really, any teacher/student pairings in any fandom. This story, though, does a brilliant job of showing exactly how Cyclops might get drawn into a relationship with Gambit, and what he might find there that he hasn't found with Jean.

Things Have Changed
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Summary: Bobby is having issues with John's lighter.

“What the hell are you doing? Trying to burn the school down?” Bobby's voice is dry and raspy, and he snaps more from exhaustion than real concern. He hopes.

“Relax.” St. John’s voice sounds wide-awake, and Bobby honestly does not want to think about what St. John’s doing that alert at this hour. Or yeah, he really does, but not now. No, definitely not now. Later, in the shower, with soap, would a much better time.

“Relax this,” and he doesn’t even have to try hard. Doesn’t really have to try at all. Just one small breath and --

“You froze my fire. I can’t believe you froze my fucking fire.”

“Believe it.”

John won't stop playing with his lighter. Bobby can't stop staring at Johnny - or freezing their bedroom by accident. Wackiness ensues. Bobby and John are such boys in this story, and it's funny and sweet and sexy.

(While he doesn't appear anywhere in this series, I can never read it without imagining that the Professor is sitting in his office overhearing Bobby's thoughts through all this and facepalming in an epic fashion. I think this is probably just me, though.)

Freeze Out

Applying Heat




Mercury Rising
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Summary: Charles Xavier lights three candles every Sunday morning.

The truth of it is this: Charles Xavier cannot go to confession, because there is no word for the sin he attempted. Even 'genocide' implies an attempt on the lives of a specific segment of the human race. What do you call the attempted annihilation of its totality?

This story, set after X2, manages to be both the best Charles Xavier character study I’ve read and a wonderful take on the ensemble of the first two X-men movies, doing justice to the enormity of the actions done to and by Xavier. I have a particular soft spot for the scenes with Kurt throughout and Charles’ dream of Jean at the end, but everyone’s voices are spot-on. A well deserved classic.

(Guest rec by [personal profile] selenak.)

Ten Thousand Candles
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Summary: Lessons in unlikely places.

"First I thought the walls were melting," Scott said. "Then I thought the wallpaper was pulsating. I was pretty sure it was sending me messages in Morse code. And through it all I thought Wolverine was singing show tunes in the main hall. Tap-dancing, too. The scariest thing was that he wasn't half bad."

"Go to hell, One-Eye," Logan said, entering the rec room with a beer.

"You're an ingrate, Wolverine," Warren scolded. "Here Scott is telling you that your mysterious past may well contain a stint in musical theater, and are you appreciative?"

Scott is sick, and his friends are less than sympathetic to his plight. Seldom has food poisoning turned out to be this hilarious.

A Teaching Moment
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Summary: Logan can't remember anything from before he started driving taxis ...

I had to admit, I liked her. She was smart, and tough, and she didn't seem to be caught up in anythin' bad, 'cept for hookin'. And even that was a little weird - she had issues about bein' touched, so she'd be wrapped up in yards of rubber and vinyl, and she'd never actually touch the johns. Big hit with the ones who thought they were all diseased or somethin', and she'd always seem to find 'em ...

She'd always seem to find me too, flaggin' me down after she had turned a few tricks, gettin' into my cab with a wad of cash, handing me a few bills and tellin' me to just drive. We'd drive, and talk, and eventually, we'd find a beat-up diner, drinkin' coffee and eatin' greasy eggs. I knew that, despite the cash, she didn't eat often, too busy payin' off people to leave her alone, too busy replacing the latex gloves she seemed to always wear, so I'd always pay for her meals, as we sat and talked some more, sometimes about our days, sometimes about anything in general.

In an alternate universe where Logan is driving taxis instead of cage fighting, he still meets up with Rogue. Everything seems sad and faded in this story, but there's a glimmer of hope in their connection.

Taxi Driver
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Summary: "Remy didn’t have the luxury of fooling himself that way."

He didn't bother to contemplate how the hell Logan had found him here, out in the middle of a swamp, in a tar-paper shack with no electricity, and running water that only ran when someone worked the pump handle. Logan was just like that.

Come to think of it, Remy would have been more surprised if Logan *hadn't* shown up.

"Did Rogue send you to come get me?" Stupid question, but he asked it because he was sick of watching Logan watch the ice melt in his glass of whiskey. Ice didn't last long in Louisiana, especially in the middle of July.

"Yeah. I told her you'd come back on your own, but ..." Logan shrugged. "You know."

Remy and Rogue have a complicated relationship, and one of the complications is Logan. Gambit has his own particular way of dealing with the problem. I love the imagery in this, and the way Rogue is very much present despite her physical absence.

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Summary: Charles has a proposition for Erik.

"You want to know why I'm here and probably also how I got here. You want to know why none of your scanners and psychics can sense the X-Men keeping an eye on me. You want to know what I want."

"A fair approximation."

Charles nods. "I'm here because I want to talk to you. I got here undetected with the help of my own powers and those of various X-Men who are now, much to their considerable displeasure, safely gone from Genosha. What I want... ah, well, that is more complicated."

"It always is," Erik says dryly, folding his arms. "Shall I save us both time and simply say 'no' now?"

Five years after the events of X2, Charles visits the island of Genosha. A great intergration of comic book elements into the movieverse, and I am always a sucker for political arguments between these two. Beautifully characterized.

Strange Giant Creatures
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Summary: Remy and Logan are both full of surprises.

When Logan returned, she was busy laughing with Remy.

He strode up to them while they sat on the couch in the rec room. "How are you, kid?"

"Logan!" She had been surprised. Surprised to see him standing there, looking so familiar and so foreign. Surprised at herself for not knowing quite what to do. "I'm fine," she said, answering his question. Pleasantries, she thought. Right. "How are you?"

"Good." He snorted and shook his head. "Good enough."

A tense, suspenseful piece that mixes X-Men adventure with an exploration of how Rogue's relationship with Remy LeBeau might play out in the presence of Logan. Twisty and exciting.

Stroke of Luck
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Storm looking like she just stepped off a catwalk somewhere - I love the detail on the jacket and the jewellery here.

Storm Fashion by *strayedclimaca on deviantART
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Summary: Mystique tempts. Ororo doubts.

Rain gleams against Mystique's skin and scales. She does not move forward, and does not retreat. She looks upon the evidence of Storm's grief, unblinking.

Mystique says:

Such anger. Such power.

You could make a difference, Ororo Munroe. You could help us change the world.

Ororo's anger pounds against the street. Her helplessness makes the trees creak, and groan, and shake their branches at the sky.

Mystique tries to court Ororo away from the X-Men. Personal, political and poetical.

Storm Breaking
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Wonderfully dramatic painting of X3 Storm. Great background colour in this.

X-men The Last Stand - STORM by *aaronwty on deviantART
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Summary: Rogue finds obsession in dreams with a man thirty years gone.

It was autumn, in New York, in an empty street. Although their minds supplied the smell and fear and people to fill an entire concentration camp, somehow they always left New York empty. It was their place, if only in dreams.

She was still facing away when the arm slid around her waist, fingers splayed on her waist. They fit, somehow, her head just under his chin. They fit like they belonged.

It was strange to feel the progression of relaxation as it crept through her body, releasing tension from muscles she'd hardly known were coiled. In sleep, she thought, she should at least be relaxed. But she never was until these moments, when she was cradled like something precious in the empty New York of thirty years past.

Rogue is obsessed with Magneto's memories, but not for the reasons everyone assumes. Hauntingly beautiful, this is a unique take on Rogue's emotional future after X1.

Splinter Me Filter
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The X1 Brotherhood enjoying the winter weather. I especially like Mystique's coat.

:X-men: Snow Day by ~Viragom on deviantART
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Summary: Mystique takes many skins and speaks with many voices.

A wife that loved her husband. Of all the things Mystique expected when she donned Kelly's skin, that was something she'd never thought about. She'd anticipated what she thought was the typical political marriage--public appearances, chaste affection for the cameras only, separate lives, perhaps a tense exchange or two in private. She hadn't expected the slow melting Sharon was capable of.

She watched herself in the mirror. The Senator smiled, pulled his wife into an embrace, his hand cradling the back of her neck. One simple twist of her hand, she thought, and slid her fingers down, resting them under the collar of Sharon's blouse. The skin there was pale and soft and the beginning of wrinkles, of fleshy folds, were developing.

After X1, Mystique is stuck living the life of Senator Robert Kelly, and there are unexpected things she might learn there. A quiet tragedy that draws some intelligent parallels between relationships I'd never thought to compare.

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Neat poster featuring First Class Emma Frost in an appropriately contemporary style.

1960s Emma Frost by ~gottabecarl on deviantART
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Summary: "When I grow up, I will be an explorer." - Charles Xavier, age 7

It was hard not to be a little irked at Erik's ease with the people here, when much of the initial investigation depended on Charles's ability to filter information from minds. He was the one who sat for days at a time on a bench on the sterile platform of the new central Metro station, a clipboard balanced on his knee for authenticity. He had drifted gently through the minds of thousands of commuters, hunting purposefully for the memory trail of a single idea-shape: the instinctive "not-me" reaction of the human mind exposed to an alien concept (metallic, acid fear-taste, panic, horror and fascination). He had improved his accent, developed a craving for salted fish, and inadvertently learned some unpleasant things about living in the new Soviet republic. And Erik, who had not wanted to come here, had led him, migraine-blind, back to the hotel, and fed him whiskey and aspirin until he fell asleep.

Charles and Erik go hunting for mutants behind the Iron Curtain. Mysterious and lyrical, and I love the way their arguments don't quite go the way you might expect given what happens later on.

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Summary: After X3, Erik's not sure whose war it is anymore.

Erik briskly unfolds the newspaper, sitting down once more at one of the outside tables. The table next to his, where two bored young soldiers had been sitting with their rifles and their Coca-Cola bottles, has been pushed aside, deserted.

He’s not insane. The shelter is too far, even if he were as young and athletic as those boys. He has as much chance of being hit, blown to pieces by a rocket, while running as he does staying where he is. Erik has little idea of whether having an enemy who can’t shoot straight is an advantage. No one is shooting at him anymore but, for the first time in years, they might still kill him.

Magneto no longer, Erik returns to Israel after losing his powers. A beautiful and painful story about what the defeated enemy dose after the war, assuming the war is ever really over.



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